Frequently asked questions

HeyDoodle is designed and dispatched from Melbourne, Australia.

To clean, use a damp microfibre towel. We encourage our kids to clean it themselves as much as possible but just so you know, our products are dishwasher-safe so feel free to pop it in when you're pressed for time!

On the fly? Use your handy wet wipe(I'm sure all us parents have at least one right?) and the marker ink will wipe right off.

We at HeyDoodle are big on REUSING. It's a virtue we hope to pass on to our kids through our mats. Each mat is designed for hours of reusable fun with a range of educational themes that we hope will help to raise a generation of kids who value reusing over contributing to waste.

We are also conscious with our designs to minimise single-use disposable items in our packaging. Everything you find in the kit is intentional and reusable.

In the process of production, there can be much waste that is generated.
HeyDoodle pay a premium to minimise and in some cases, eliminate single-use plastic packaging wherever practical.

We also partner with a delivery service that is 100% carbon neutral and use 100% recycled mailing bags.

You only have to feel it and you will be convinced.
We have gone to great lengths to find a supplier who can match our stringent requests.
HeyDoodle mats are thick and durable, but are not immune to sharp edges and permanent stains.

That said, it is inevitable that there are defective prints with ink smudges and such. While we have gone through every single mat to ensure the best is packed, there may be on rare occasions a few that slip through the crack. If you have received one of these, please contact us and we will be more than happy to arrange an exchange.

Oh we’re glad you wondered about this too.
We are serious about ensuring only high quality products are associated with the brand HeyDoodle.
However, we are even more serious about the environment and would hate to think that these perfectly good-to-be-used mats are getting disposed of. We have a dedicated team setting aside these mats to be packed and given to charity and children organisations.

You can also purchase them at a heavily discounted rate if you come look for us at markets.

One is never too young to doodle, however, the marker lids can become a choking hazard if toddlers are unsupervised.

We do recommend supervised doodling for under 3s. The ink from our markers may stain fabrics so keep an eye out!

The product contains no substances which at their given concentration and intended use are considered to be hazardous to health. However we strongly advise parental supervision for children who are still mouthing and have the tendency to ingest the ink.

We recommend removing the colour off the mats at least within a day or two of colouring. If you find your colours are not coming off completely with a damp microfibre cloth, a squirt of hand sanitiser will do the trick (and keep it germ free). If you have gone down that path and are still finding stubborn stains, please contact us at with some photos and we will work out the best solution moving forward.

These markers are manufactured for our silicone mats and designed to be removable off non-porous surfaces. We cannot guarantee the complete removal of ink stains on materials other than our mats, particularly surfaces that are highly absorbent in nature. This is why we recommend our products for children aged 3 and above for unsupervised colouring.

Our non-toxic dry erase markers erase with an eraser, a wet towel/wipe on most non-porous materials, like our mats, whiteboards, porcelain and glass.

Washable markers are intended for porous surfaces and can be washed off clothing.

Due to the non-porous nature of silicone mats, washable markers are incompatible as the ink tends to pool instead, resulting in a n unpleasant colouring experience. 

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