Sketchband Party Favours (4 pack)

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HeyDoodle Sketchbands make the perfect party favours or stocking fillers! Each kit is
complete with gift packaging and amazing reusable contents. You will receive 4 loose sets so you can involve your birthday child in party prep by assembling the packs. There is room to add other items you desire. 

1 unit includes 
- 1 Gift box 
- 1 Erasable Sketchband
- 3 mini markers
- 1 colour-in stickers

Introductory Bundle pricing
4 pack set - $7.50ea

*If you are unable to select your designs, please place your order first and then get in touch with us to let us know which designs you would like to get.

$30.00 $39.60you save $9.60

Draw. Erase. Repeat.

All the fun of our HeyDoodle Mats in a smaller format. Our eight most popular mats in a teaser size with three markers packaged in a beautiful gift tube. A perfect alternative for party favours and stocking fillers, one that is reusable over and over again. 

Gone are the days of cheap single-use gifts, we've designed the packaging in such a way that they'll stand proudly on any birthday table as a sustainable alternative for party favours!

All kids (and parents *wink) ages 3-100! But, most engaging for ages 3-7.

  1. Unpack Sketchband, markers, stickers and boxes from package.
  2. Set up an invitation to prepare your party favours.
  3. Make up the gift boxes and insert all the goodies.
  4. Seal with a sticker.
  5. Colour the band in and wipe with a damp cloth/ wet wipe.
  6. When you’re done slap in on your wrist and go.

Each pack comes with

  • 4 Sketchbands 
  • 4 sets of 3 mini markers
  • 4 HeyDoodle Stickers and 
  • 4 gift boxes- so you have the best looking party favours EVER.

Each mat is thoughtfully designed after our signature designs so your curious kids can learn as they colour!

Reusable silicone mat - 100 % premium grade silicone that is FDA approved and taste safe for your littlies!

Markers - Non-toxic markers that are erasable and safe for little hands and mouths. Will not smudge once dry, perfect for lefties.

Gift Boxes - Pillow box made from cardboard.