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Where creativity and education meet

Our range of products are packed full of learning, activities and creativity for kids to enjoy anywhere

Find out more about each of our sectors below.

Who we design for

At HeyDoodle, we believe in sparking creativity and joy through interactive experiences.
Our design team work hard to ensure the mats provide high value engagement and serve as useful rescources.

Travel & Gifting

Designed for parents and carers of young kids to be used on-the-go to help kids learn while they are having fun. We have a broad product range to make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Ranging from $5 - $42

Allied Health

HeyDoodle was organically introduced into the Allied Health sector when quite a number of speech pathologists and occupational therapists found our mats valuable resources for therapy.

We have been working hard to grow this range and welcome any product ideas you may have been struggling to find resources for.


As HeyDoodle grew in brand awareness and credibility, we were approached by museums and zoos to create bespoke versions for their audience.

HeyDoodle Collabs is proud to work with museums and places of Interests locally and internationally.